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We all want to be able to be a confident speaker, whether for work, study, or in social settings. But for most of us, anxiety and fear inevitably gets in the way, even when talking with people we know.
The good news is you don’t have to overcome this anxiety and fear to become a confident speaker. You can learn how to manage and work with it to your advantage and gain the ability to be a persuasive communicator.
The only way to do this is to learn and then practise. We support you in doing this; to achieve your goal to speak confidently.

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Gaye is a human resources practitioner and trainer with considerable experience gained in a variety of manufacturing, retail, IT and service industries both at a strategic and practical implementation level. For the past 20 years she has run her own human resources consulting business. Recently Gaye has leveraged her extensive human resources experience, coaching capabilities and understanding of the market, to coach individuals through career transition processes, ensuring successful outcomes for candidates.

An experienced presenter and Toastmaster, Gaye also works with individuals helping them to take away the terror in talking before an audience, increasing their self confidence benefiting them in both career and personal life.


Tim is an experienced teacher who has not only taught in primary schools in New Zealand but also in universities and high schools in Japan and China. As a Toastmaster Tim has won the national Impromptu Speech Contest and has been a finalist in the Humorous speaking contest. He enjoys helping people work through their initial anxiety and developing their confidence in speaking.

Tim holds a Master of Teaching (Primary) from the University of Auckland and a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in International Business from Victoria University of Wellington.

Catherine Syme

Catherine Syme, of Fear-less Public Speaking, specialises in working with people who are being held back in their careers or other aspects of the lives because they are extremely anxious about public speaking. She has been a Toastmaster for more than ten years and she has a lot of experience presenting to professional and political audiences.

Fear-less Public Speaking will soon be teaming up with Speak Confidently to offer programmes targeted at school leavers and young adults who want to improve their speaking skills to assist with further studies and enhance their employment prospects.

Alistair Munro

Alistair has a Certificate in Adult Teaching, and has a passion for training and education. He has run his own business communications company for 25 years offering a range of training approaches from formal multi-session programmes to one-on-one support sessions. Keen to discover new ways to increase people’s speaking confidence, Alistair recently complete a BA (Hons) in Education, and is currently continuing his studies part time, as works towards his PhD on “reducing communication apprehension in adolescents”.

Alistair has been a Toastmaster for nearly 30 years, and is a past National Training Co-ordinator for Toastmasters. He is a founding member of a community-based Toastmasters Club in Auckland, running non-profit courses. He has also worked with local high schools, running speaking confidence courses.

Lucy Blain - Marketing Consultant

Lucy is a Marketing and PR consultant with experience in a variety of sectors. Her career began in the equine industry, where she still runs a multitude of social media streams and websites for businesses offering equestrian products and services, but has more recently begun to specialise in education. As well as running her own business, she is frequently enlisted to assist PR firms with their client’s social media management and online marketing.