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Speak Confidently

Programme Content

What we do

Grow the confidence and skills of your team members to speak in any business setting.

What your team members will do for your organisation:

  • Improve delivery of presentations
  • Grow sales and marketing ability
  • Reduce miscommunication
  • Help to build morale

Your team will become the envy of your industry.

How do we do this?

  • Having some fun – we all have a voice, why not use it?
  • Tailoring our programme to individual needs
  • Turning anxiety into excitement
  • Learning from one another other in the group
  • Practising. It is about speaking skills. They can be learnt!
  • Increasing proficiency to talk off the cuff
  • Did we mention having fun!

Our Speak Confidently programme is conducted over 6 consecutive weeks with a maximum of 12 participants. The programme is delivered at your organisation’s premises. Each session runs for 2¼ hours. Contact us now and we will make this work for your organisation.

What our clients have said

Gaye ran two in-conference workshops at Thomson Reuters SafeSkills 2020. Gaye engaged really well with the audience and provided lots of speaking advice and tips for Health & Safety Reps to take away and put into practice. The workshops were really interactive and Gaye’s presentations certainly put the theory into practice!

Thomson Reuters Safe Skills Conference Organisers

"Over the last ten years, Speak Right/Speak Confidently has facilitated an in-house course to help build effective communication and presentation skills across our team. Initially, we involved managers and our sales team; however, when we recognised a clear and positive impact of improved speaking skills in these groups, we rolled it out to our wider team. The course has consistently been of top quality, and the experience of the presenters in their delivery keeps us coming back for more each year."

Odette Jury, HR Manager, Allegion New Zealand

"Gaye worked with our AA High Achievers Programme. The group of 12 needed to present their key learnings from a six month long personal development programme to a panel of our General Managers. Gaye had just one day to not only help the team write and practise their speeches, but to teach them the fundamentals of great public speaking. She is a master at quickly working out what is important for the business group she is working with. "

Siobhan Tetenburg  –  AA Organisational Capability Manager

"Gaye and her team at Speak Confidently ran workshops with our Team Leaders. At our recent Awards Ceremony there was a noticeable difference in the speaking skills and speech delivery of all those that had attended the workshops. I would recommend the Speak Confidently team to anyone wanting to develop their speaking confidence and skills whatever their speaking situations and current levels of confidence and experience in public speaking. "

Adam Brown-Rigg  –  YMCA Youth Programme Manager.