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Speak Confidently

Programme Content

Our Speak Confidently programme content covers dealing with managing nerves, preparing and practising a speech, impromptu speaking, delivering and learning from feedback on speeches, running meeting segments (being an MC), organising and structuring a speech, vocal variety, using body language, and adding entertainment value to s speech.

Other elements of the programme are:

  • Weekly short impromptu speech challenges.
  • Delivering four five-minute prepared speeches.
  • Feedback on all prepared and impromptu speeches and other roles.

This programme can be tailored to suit specific business requirements.

Our Speak Confidently programme is usually conducted over 8 consecutive weeks for up to 12 participants. It is usually held at your company premises and each session runs for two hours. We recommend incorporating some of your normal work day for each weekly session, although we can start as early as 7am or finish as late at 6.30pm.

What our clients have said

Gaye worked with our AA High Achievers Programme. The group of 12 needed to present their key learnings from a six month long personal development programme to a panel of our General Managers. Gaye had just one day to not only help the team write and practise their 5 minute long speeches but to teach them the fundamentals of great public speaking for future use. Gaye understood what was at stake for our people and for the success of the programme. She is a master at quickly working out what is important and relevant for the business group she is working with and that adaptability is a very valuable skill.

Siobhan Tetenburg  –  AA Organisational Capability Manager

Gaye and her team at Speak Confidently ran workshops with our Team Leaders. At our recent Awards Ceremony there was a noticeable difference in the speaking skills and speech delivery of all those that had attended the workshops. I would recommend the Speak Confidently team to anyone wanting to develop their speaking confidence and skills whatever their speaking situations and current levels of confidence and experience in public speaking.

Adam Brown-Rigg  –  YMCA Youth Programme Manager.

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When and How


Our Auckland in-person courses run for six weeks. Investment NZD 350+GST
Upcoming dates are:

Tuesday 4 August - Tuesday 8 September
6.15 PM - 8.30 PM
Venue: The Icehouse, 125 St Georges Bay Road, Parnell
A few spaces are still available.


We do not currently have any Online Programmes scheduled.
We can run them for groups on request.