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Talking with confidence is a skill and skills can be learned, honed, and improved.

Whether it is giving a toast at a family birthday, voicing your opinion to a group of friends, presenting to colleagues or (as we have all been doing a lot more) talking to a screen full of faces, speaking out can be daunting at best, terrifying at worst.

What if there was a way to take that anxiety and turn it around into excitement? At Speak Confidently that is exactly what we support you in doing. Learning and practices the skills that will help you become a confident speaker.

Every Tuesday I am going to give you two tips to support you to achieve your final score. Anxiety 0 – Confidence 1

This is the first TWO TIP TUESDAY

  1. If you find speaking nerve-racking then beating yourself up for being nervous will only add to the pressure and stress. Step back and give yourself a break. Acknowledging and understanding why you find it so nerve-racking will help.

  2. Remember your audience is on your side and want you to do well. Nobody listens to a speaker hoping they will mess it up. Your audience is your friend and wants to hear you.

Join us on our next 5 week Auckland course starting 23 June 2021. Register online


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