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Speak Confidently, Public Speaking Programmes New Zealand


Turn your Speaking Fear and Anxiety into Excitement

Speak Confidently, Public Speaking Programmes New Zealand

Do you know what you want to say but can’t get your words out right?

Speak Confidently, Public Speaking Programmes New Zealand

Does your heart race and your mouth go dry when you start to speak?

Has your audience lost attention within a few minutes?

Does the mere thought of public speaking fill you with fear? 

Do you dread it when you do have to talk to a group of people?

Public speaking skills are skills and these can be learnt.

Start your journey on the next Speak Confidently course.   

With other people who feel just the same as you do about Public Speaking you will learn these skills and techniques.  You will do  lots of practice and have fun along the way.


"I was lucky enough to have a friend recommend Gaye to me – thank goodness I did!

I had a big talk to prep for a conference in Nashville with 5000 people attend – and this talk was to my peers who chose to come to my session during the conference and my talk encompassed teaching them things about my business, that might help them grow theirs.


Gaye is calm – that’s the top word for her.  She says things to help you change how you are talking without offending you – and that’s also key.

Everyone wants to learn however its hard taking criticism but this never felt like it.


We did some groups sessions and also 1 on 1 sessions – both being invaluable to me.


And how did it go?  Well, I feel it really well – I came off the stage, thinking – yeah I did it!  No hesitating, pausing enough to breathe (I do speak very fast normally), and people asking questions at the end as well. It couldn’t have gone better!


Thank you, Gaye, – I really appreciate your experience and guidance."

Sarah Bloxham - Insurance & Mortgage Advisor



Build the confidence to speak in any business setting

Public Programmes

Improve your speaking skills in our supportive and interactive course


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