For Businesses

Build the confidence to
speak in any business setting

For Schools

Developing Confident Communication
Skills in Students

For Individuals

Improve your speaking
skills in our interactive course


Speak Confidently Online Course

Have you always wanted to improve your public speaking skills? Now is an excellent opportunity to do this through our four week online courses using ZOOM video conferencing.


Our course will provide you with the opportunity to increase your speaking confidence in a supportive community. You will learn strategies to manage your anxiety around speaking, how to design and structure an engaging talk, and how to use your voice and body to add impact to your ideas. We will also cover additional strategies for presenting effectively in a virtual setting. Each course will have a maximum of eight participants. They will also be lots of fun and a great way to learn a new skill and connect with people during the shutdown situation.

All participants will give two prepared talks to the group and will receive supportive individualised feedback on them. Additionally there will be impromptu speaking activities as well as opportunities to practice a variety of speaking skills.


The investment for this four week course is $150 plus GST.



For schools

Develop confident communication skills in students

For Businesses

Build the confidence to speak in any business setting

For Individuals

Improve your speaking skills in our supportive and interactive course

What Our Programmes Cover

Writing an engaging speech and connecting with audiences.
Managing speaking anxiety.
Using body language and voice to add impact to your speeches.
Speaking in impromptu situations.
Giving and receiving feedback.
Finding your voice and developing your own personal speaking styles.

What our clients say

Gaye worked with our AA High Achievers Programme. The group of 12 needed to present their key learnings from a six month long personal development programme to a panel of our General Managers. Gaye had just one day to not only help the team write and practise their 5 minute long speeches but to teach them the fundamentals of great public speaking for future use. Gaye understood what was at stake for our people and for the success of the programme. She is a master at quickly working out what is important and relevant for the business group she is working with and that adaptability is a very valuable skill.

Siobhan Tetenburg  –  AA Organisational Capability Manager

Gaye and her team at Speak Confidently ran workshops with our Team Leaders. At our recent Awards Ceremony there was a noticeable difference in the speaking skills and speech delivery of all those that had attended the workshops. I would recommend the Speak Confidently team to anyone wanting to develop their speaking confidence and skills whatever their speaking situations and current levels of confidence and experience in public speaking.

Adam Brown-Rigg – YMCA North Youth Programme Manager.

Students found the course very useful and worthwhile. They mentioned their confidence levels improving and they felt much more at ease speaking in front of their peers after the course. Many students were very nervous before the course but they were soon put at ease and involved themselves fully in the exercises. We would recommend the course for any senior students.

Andrew Mackenzie – Deputy Principal Macleans College

In such a short amount of time I already feel a lot more confident writing and presenting. The programme has helped me consider the way an audience views a speaker and made me think about how I project my voice.

Student – Macleans College

In the 6 hours we have spent in this workshop have gained so much confidence in speaking and have learnt a lot of useful tips I have learnt a lot and feel more confident when speaking. I have taken away a lot of tips to help me with writing and delivering my presentations.

Student – Macleans College

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When and How

All our courses are currently run online over four weeks using ZOOM video conferencing.

The investment for these programmes is $150 plus GST.

Thursday 2 April - Thursday 23 April.
9.00 - 10.30 am

Thursday 2 April - Thursday 23 April.
5.30 - 7.00 pm