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POGO Speak Confidently New Zealand speaking skills programs




Gift a programme to transform the speaking skills of secondary school students

Our wonderful Purchase One – Gift One (POGO) programme will transform your team’s speaking skills and confidence while supporting senior school students to do the same.

It is very straightforward. For every Speak Confidently in-house program you invest in, you gift a programme to year 12 and 13 school students. If you currently partner with a school, we can deliver the programme to that school.

Everyone wins!

While improving your team’s speaking skills and overall confidence, your gift provides a unique opportunity for young adults to develop this essential life skill. Supporting young adults is a satisfying acknowledgement of your organisation’s participation

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Register your interest as a school recipient of our
Purchase One – Gift One programme.

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Speak Confidently New Zealand

Offer a wonderful
gift for your
senior students

Our fantastic school programme will transform your students’ speaking skills and confidence
at NO COST to your school.


Speak Confidently has created this
wonderful opportunity through our
Purchase One – Gift One (POGO) Programme.


It is very straightforward. Our corporate clients Purchase One of our in-house programmes and then Gift One of our school programmes to you.

Secondary school public speaking confidence programme Speak Confidently New Zealand

We will come to your school with two facilitators and work with 20 students at times to suit with your school timetables.

“Approximately 75% of the population suffer from some form of Glossophobia. This is the fear of public speaking. The ability to effectively communicate is a skill young people will need to succeed throughout their life.”

Let us help your students turn their public speaking anxiety into excitement, giving them empowering life skills. 2020 has been a difficult year, and this will be a gift for them to leave your school with.

Spring into POGO!

Register your interest as a school recipient of our
Purchase One – Gift One programme.

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"Over the last ten years, Speak Right/Speak Confidently has facilitated an in-house course to help build effective communication and presentation skills across our team. Initially, we involved managers and our sales team; however, when we recognised a clear and positive impact of improved speaking skills in these groups, we rolled it out to our wider team. The course has consistently been of top quality, and the experience of the presenters in their delivery keeps us coming back for more each year."

Odette Jury, HR Manager, Allegion New Zealand

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